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Automated text messages - instruction of sending SMS via implemented MsgBell extension

written by

Pratik Karmankar

Zoho Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

The client was looking for someone to develop a bulk SMS plugin in Sigma to publish the extension in the Zoho marketplace. The project aimed at sending automated text messages to clients and a database to conduct SMS campaigns. For the project implementation, the following expert’s skills were necessary: Zoho, API, Integrations, and Custom app development.

Project’s scope

  • Documentation of all the features that will be developed
  • Completion of coding in the Zoho developer platform
  • Completion of testing the extension integrating to Zoho CRM
  • Preparing documents, work process, and terms and conditions of usage.
  • Submitting extension to Zoho marketplace for approval

Project time: 10 days

Effect: Sending automated and customized SMS to customers all over the world

Client: RMB Associates

I am an experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of building custom ERP and CRM applications for the business in various industries. Also, I am skilled in Zoho application customization​,​ ERP Implementations​,​ Business Process Application Development​,​ and a Website chatbot powered by Zoho. During this project, my job was based on Deluge scripting, API Integration, Javascript, and HTML. Pratik Karmankar, SoftwareSupp Freelancer
Pratik is really very cooperative and helped us to develop the plugin that we asked for. It is under approval from Zoho currently. Once it is approved, we will be closing this contact soon with a good note - Mahesh, the Client

Zoho expert's tasks

  1. API integration
  2. Widget development
  3. Submitting extension to zoho marketplace for approval

Zoho CRM Marketplace Extension- automated text messages plugin

The project assumed the implementation of an additional plugin to automate SMS sending. Such automation is carried out through an extension added to the CRM system. In this case, the plug was connected to the ZOHO. SMS automation allows you to send automated text messages to selected leads and customers from your database.Nowadays, SMSs have been recognized as one of the best communication options due to their directness. Currently, each of us has a mobile phone with us all day long - it has become our daily tool without which we slowly cannot live. For this very reason, it is worth investing in SMS campaigns. Research by DScout reports that the phone is touched an average of 2,617 times a day. Our daily use, begins around 7 am and lasts throughout the day. Moreover, according to data provided by Mailchimp, email communication is opened at an average of 21.33%. Compared to 98% of SMS open rates that is not much. Considering the above reasons, the client decided to integrate with the SMS sending tool in order to increase its reach.

Integration of the CRM system with SMS automating tools enables direct and comfortable usage. In other words, there is no need to go to the external SMS platform for sending text messages because we can perform a campaign via a CRM system. Moreover, it allows on-time notification of any changes in the system to the respective receiver. By making plugin customization, we can adjust it to the specific requirements.

Automated text messages extension by Msgbell

RMB Associates want to stay in touch by using the MsgBell SMS extension via Zoho CRM with customers from all over the world. Moreover, they emphasize the exigence of sending SMS messages instantly using customizable templates. Another feature is that they can select multiple records and send bulk messages to the customers. By using SMS extensions, they can also write workflows with webhooks to send automated text messages.

To provide follow-up to leads, we can send bulk SMS rather than calling one by one- it saves a lot of time- Mahesh, the Client

Key Features required by RMB Associates:

  • Send SMS messages either one by one or in a bulk
  • Create and manage SMS templates
  • Maintain an SMS history and use webhooks to send automated messages
  • CRM users can send: Transactional Messages, Promotional Messages, Transactional Voice Messages, Promotional Voice Messages

The extension was developed on the SIGMA. Sigma is a development platform where developers can build and host extensions for various Zoho applications. These extensions can be software add-ons focusing on feature enhancements, third-party integrations, or any other valuable additions.

By HTML and Javascript, I have created the widget which is used to provide the window for selecting SMS parameters. JavaScript SDK was necessary to send the API call to an SMS service provider. In API calls respective account credentials also needed to be specified in order to verify the account validity. Few modules (API Credentials, Sender ID, Templates) were created to facilitate and smooth the entire SMS sending process.

Below we show the instruction provided for the client

1.  After installing the extension login to, go to the API tab on the right hand side and click on download API integration guide to copy the API credentials.

2. Copy the API credentials and add these credentials in the MsgBell Credentials module inside the Zoho CRM.

3. To send a message to Leads, Contacts, or Account go to respective and select the record you want to send the text message. Alternatively you can go inside the record and select the MsgBell button to send the message.

4. After clicking on the button, a window will pop up to provide the details for sending a message.

Process of sending automated text messages through MsgBell plugin in to Zoho

The product gave the client an opportunity to monitor the course of work and control the project budget. What's more, thanks to the communicator available from the panel, the client had the chance to quickly contact the hired freelancer and send each other files related to the project. The great advantage of the communicator is the possibility of returning to the arrangements and materials provided before.

Messenger available on a project board
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written by

Pratik Karmankar

Zoho Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

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