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A 3-hour seminars​,​ via Zoom​,​ for Corporation IT​/​eCommerce teams. PRESENTATION: Inside the Shopify ecosystem​,​ Shopify Plus is aimed at mid-sized and major corporations. But not only. Shopify and its ecosystem are so disruptive​,​ that working with Shopify Plus is neither easy nor intuitive. This 3-hour online training seminar will help you understand Shopify Plus​,​ envision how you could use it​,​ while collecting as much information and concrete examples as possible. TRAINING DOCUMENTATION During the training​,​ a slide show is shared by the trainer. This presentation is sent to each participant​,​ in pdf format​,​ at the end of the session. PROGRAM Welcome (⏱ 10 mn) - Seminar goals - Who is the trainer? - Who is attending? Introduction to Shopify Plus (⏱ 20 mn) - History and ambition of Shopify Plus - Shopify Plus contract - Multi-store by design - A « game changer » Shopify Plus specific features (⏱ 100 mn) - The new Admin - Custom Checkout Tunnel - Shopify Scripts - Shopify Flow - Shopify Launchpad - Shopify Transporter - Shopify Wholesale Channel - Better API rate limits How to integrate Shopify Plus with legacy systems (⏱ 30 mn) - Data migration - Connection with an ERP - Connection with a CRM - Connection with other systems - Security and regulatory rules: user management​,​ double authentication​,​ single sign-on​,​ GDPR​,​ CCPA Shopify Plus personalized support (⏱ 10 mn) - 24​/​7 technical support - Dedicated Launch Engineer - Merchant Success Program Rely on the ecosystem (⏱ 10 mn) - Shopify Plus clients community - Work with an official partner - Work with Shopify Plus Certified Apps


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Online Training Seminar via Zoom
3 hours
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