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Ux design for e-waste project in the Italian Institute

Project around the smart collection and processing solutions for e-waste.

My focus was dedicated to the classification process using tangible interfaces: Design, creation, and testing of tangible and graphical interfaces in the context of the InnoWEEE project.

The InnoWEEE goals

Increase the collection of WEEE by using smart bin and WebApp, information about the valorization of WEEE and EEE by regeneration and re-use of usable devices, and by recycling the materials that can be used again in the production cycle.

The InnoWEEE tackles an issue of general lack of awareness and knowledge about how to properly take care of electronic and electric waste.

The pilot study

One of the critical stages of the project was the evaluation of created interfaces. For this purpose, a pilot study was organized. It took place on 31.05.2019. It was a full-day workshop with activities related to electronic waste and ways to recycle and reuse it.

The goal was to test and evaluate created interfaces with real users and gather qualitative and quantitative data.

The details about the event and the results can be found in the dedicated article.

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