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Redesign of mobile app for remote work from Horbito

Project Challenge

A platform that makes it possible to share resources for online collaboration among multiple users of one organization.

Target group

People working remotely and online need access to their files and programs anytime, anywhere. They are mainly people working in project teams: company employees, freelancers, students.

Market research

The first stage was research around applications offering solutions for remote work. I wanted to find useful elements of the interface and create an application in which the user feels familiar from the first use.

Solution ideation

Horbito comes to your aid, offering virtual desktop directly in your web browser and a wide range of personalization options to suit your needs. In addition to storing files in the cloud, the service allows you to edit and share documents, communicate with the team and visualize specialized programs such as Photoshop, in a web browser. At the same time, it allows you to work together on documents. Horbito on PC version works on every modern web browser. The smartphone version is available for Android and iOS. The basic version of the application is free of charge and provides 15 GB of online space.

Initial market research

I tested many popular applications available on iOS for remote work (Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive, Slack). I selected elements that work similarly like landing pages, creating an account, settings, file sharing. Furthermore, I decided to make these elements of the prototype as close as possible to the standards present on the market.

Map Red Routes/

Most important activity: file sharing and access to online programs.

Indirect activity: communicating with your team and colleagues.

Additional activity: creating a workspace for the team.


There is no product on the market that allows access to files and programs from any computer and provides the functionality of a traditional operating system without the need to install additional software.

Inspiration and competition/

Application was inspired by services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive and iCloud. These services are available in Horbito, so they are not competitive. Rather, they expand the capabilities of Horbito by offering multiple Horbito solutions at the same time.


The first prototype I created based on the knowledge about the applications currently available on the market. To enable interaction with the prototype, I used the Marvel app program. It is a website, which after uploading paper mock-ups allows adding interactions between application windows. Thanks to that I could revive the paper prototype and present it in the company.

The prototype was created as a Quick and Dirty mock-up. Its functionality includes the ability to create an account (also with the use of plugins for social networks) and a preview of the main submenus: Home, Cosmos, Files, Chat, and Settings. The menu is placed at the bottom of the screen in accordance with Apple's recommendations for iOS applications.

The prototype is available online -> click here

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The Horbito application existed on the market when I joined the company in February 2018 (formerly called Inevio).
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