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App design analysis for McDonald

App functionality and User Needs - app analysis

Using the McDonald’s app, users can get familiar with available promotions and new menus. They can also collect loyalty points when using the application when visiting the restaurant or in-app. Gathered points can be used to pay. People who have special needs can check for locations that meet their criteria. For example, Belgium users can charge their electric car during the meal.

Application is available worldwide, but its functionalities depend on the market.

1. User needs

2. Save money

3. Explore food quickly and easy

4. Find a suitable restaurant

5. Get to know about the new menu

Current app features

Promotions for customers: Special offers of new products, loyalty programs

Food details: Nutrition information, List of possible allergens, List of ingredients

Filtering and navigation: Restaurants locations, available facilities in restaurants, etc.

User problems

1. Browsing coupons available only after creating an account → macro-design choice of app developers (data analysis, content personalization).

2. The prices of the products are not always shown.

3. Lack of possibility to order food from the app and delivery option inside the app.

Considered app features

1. Location and language selection

2. Filtering of facilities

3. Landing page

4. Product selection

Landing page — current and redesigned

Issue: the action button News working as a navigation button.

I was expecting to see more details on the News menu, instead, I was redirected to offers.

Additionally, the home icon is not corresponding to the News category — it causes mental model inconsistency.

The redesigned Landing Page better informs the customer about new menu options and allows them to save money using in-app deals.

First redesign for Landing Page

Newsfeed design → design pattern inspired by social media apps.

Second redesign for Landing Page

+ Sliding to next page → Sense of continuum in the navigation structure.

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McDonald is an American fast food company, founded in 1940 as a restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald, in San Bernardino, California, United States.
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