HubSpot implementation+integrations for e-learning platform

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Problem description

We are looking for a HubSpot expert who will implement HubSpot and integrate it with some of the tools we are already using The tasks are: - Setting-up a HubSpot account and customize it so it reflects our sales process (pipelines​,​ labels etc.) - Upload the data from the Excel sheets we are using now to store the information about our clients - Integrate HubSpot with our lead sources - Facebook Ads​,​ Google Ads​,​ web forms​,​ content downloads​,​ webinars (SalesMenago) - Integration with email so the emails can be sent directly from CRM level - Integration with our email automation tool - SalesMenago - Integration with the tool for electronic signage (not specified) - Integration with ecommerce (WooCommerce) that includes products and contract signing - Integration with our calling system - we are using just phones not a calling software so preferably it will be integrating the phone numbers our sales team is using right now in a way it will let us to record calls - Setting up dashboards and reports to analyze lead sources and sales activities on weekly and monthly bases (within HubSpot) - Team training (10 people)

Required software

  • HubSpot

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Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland

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