Zoho forms project

Published: Apr 01 2021
Valid until:
May 07 2021
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Project description

1. A lead form https://www.workhands.us/request-demo

2. Newsletter form: https://www.workhands.us/newsletter

All we're looking to do to start is remove the embedded forms for our own. We don't need this stored in our own DB​,​ we just want a more natural looking form on these pages. We're on rails 4.

After our first experience​,​ I'm sure there's additional integrations we'd want to do​,​ but we'd prefer to start with something small​/​isolated like this.

Project scope

Change embedded forms for the custom ones
Select the new tool to be used
Implement the tool and store data in external solution

Required software

  • Zoho


  • Website integration


San Francisco, California, United States

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