Zoho Expert

Published: Jun 26 2021
Valid until: Aug 22 2021
Hourly rate:$20-$50/h

Project description

We've been working with Zoho for over a year and the experience is Ok (aprox 100 users). We currently have a certified zoho consultant, how ever we need to move faster and with more specific customizations. We are looking for a long term relationship!

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Project scope

Integrations with internal system
Tech stack confirmation/draftingCampaigns integrationZoho Flow and Desk integration (PRIO)Invoicing integrationTickets integrationSurvey integration (PRIO)
Integration with external solutions
Asterisk integration (PRIO)
Functions building
Automated assignment in CRM systemAutomated assignment in Desk (PRIO)Chat optimization and integrationVariables for Zoho Flow optimizationCustomer's timeline/funnel building

Required software

  • Other
  • Zoho

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