WordPress support for Australia based company

Published: Nov 10 2021
Valid until: Dec 10 2021
Hourly rate:$20-$50/h

Project description

We are Australia based company and we are looking for a Wordpress specialist to help with our ongoing WP dev projects. I’m having trouble installing the demo content and have had to get theme support help. I think a plug in that I need is missing from the theme bundle and not available in the directory. I’m not sure this is the issue but hopeful I’ve discovered something that could be done. I’ll pass on any support info as well. If this doesn’t work out I’ll need to change themes. You could help me with the styling and I’m looking to add a petition plug in so that people can sign the petition and be recorded to support an issue I’m advocating for. I haven’t done one of those before and hoping that’s possible.

Required software

  • WordPress

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