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Published: Nov 03 2020
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Dec 03 2020
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Project description

We require a minimal ​/​ design friendly​/​customisable webform template for a Webflow website. We use forms a lot to gauge our audiences interests​,​ insights and thoghts. I currently use Typeform to ask my customer base questions for deeper profiling​/​insights. What I like about Typeform is that it shows one question per screen and the text font size ​/​ style and background display is customisable so that you can ensure it aligns to any brand colours. But even then it's still a bit too limiting with styling and after many months it becomes expensive. What I want to know is can I create a webform that has a minimal ​/​ clean look like Typeform (ie one can select between fonts ​/​ font type ​/​ style ​/​ size etc with the below field types: - Short Text (255 character limit) - Long-Form Text (2000 character limit) - Date - Email - Number - Slider Rating (1-10) - Multiple Pick Select - Insert URL - Upload Photo - Upload Doc - Etc It must display only 1 question per screen when scrolling ​/​ displaying It also needs to have logic jump ability ie if Q1) answer is A it jumps to Q2 and if the answer is C then it jumps to Q3 . We use Zoho CRM to house and store our data. IF it's easier I can ask my partner to create in in Zoho Forms and to ensure it is scalable for both web and mobile versions as I've not seen a zoho form that displays nicely on mobile https://www.zoho.com/forms/ So what I want to know is if it's better to create the front end for the form in Webflow and embed a form behind it or create the whole thing in webflow and use an API and custom code to send the data to Zoho.

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