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Published: Nov 03 2020
Valid until:
Dec 03 2020
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Project description

Content (photo ​/​ video) + copy will be given to you. Your job will be to design​,​ layout and build the website. Include any slick Webflow animations to make it a premium feel and UX>

Both mobile and desktop layouts will need to be considered.

This site will leverage illustrations and an explainer video in terms of media and be minimal in its flow and customer journey . The purpose is to be a lead gen for their business and an up to date more slicker representation of their software product and service offering.

1. Home ​/​ Landing Page (Why ​/​ What ​/​ How)

2. Our product as a Service

2 a. Case Studies ​/​ Client examples x 3 (this will display as cards ​/​ thumbnails under the service page and click through to their own portfolio page)

3. Product (this is their software product page - which will have it’s why ​,​ what ​,​ how)

- 3a : Thumbnails ​/​ cards with Case Studies ​/​ Client examples (click through to their own portfolio page)

4. Market Place

- each connector ​/​ market place will open its own sub page with description and detail.

5. FAQ ​/​ Turorial Page

- this will have FAQ ​/​ tutorials or other info which is often asked to help streamline the process.

Footer: contact us .

Content + copy will be given to you.

Required software

  • Webflow


  • Web design
  • UX design

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