Webflow (3D & Product Led Marketing style) Design & Development of SAAS site and integration​/​solution marketplace

Published: Sep 19 2021
Valid until:
Oct 19 2021
hourly rate

Project description

*Briefing available on request with more scope ​/​ website briefing input*

Good examples;

https://webflow.com/blog/saas-website-design-examples (Product Led Marketing Webflow sites​,​ the idea is to 'sell' and show our product already on the site​,​ so people know what to expect)

Few direct Examples; Pitch.com​,​ Draftbit​,​ Fibery.io​,​ Memberstack.

The idea is to use our template (Felix) and​/​or use something like this for 3D; Levitate UI kit for Figma.

Finishing our Webflow site​,​ basic site is already in Weblow based on template (Felix)​,​ redesigning from good UX​/​UI perspective​,​ integrated our 3D inspiration mood board​,​ making it seamless. Using our Marketing​,​ Branding & Persona input to make a good strategic site togheter. First focus is MVP by 15 october. After that continous expanding of the website features. Product Led Marketing ​/​ 3D case studies or experience is definitely a good USP for the expert​,​ because this is the vision for the site design ​/​ structure.

Project scope

Sharing strategy / vision, explaining current site status and briefing
Define requirements list & 'sprint' towards 15 october + hourly estimation (rough)
Design homepage
Design TOP priority pages
Develop homepage & top priority pages
Integrate content with our strategic copywriter
UX / UI test, SEO test and Go-live
Define requirements list & 'sprint(s)' for the future development

Required software

  • Figma
  • Webflow


  • Consulting
  • Web design
  • Page speed optimization
  • Implementation
  • Theme
  • Migration
  • UX design
  • Support
  • UI

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