Support for Existing Pipedrive and Zapier Integration

Published: Feb 12 2021
Valid until:
Mar 14 2021
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Project description

Hello​,​ We are looking for a resource to help us to optimize the use of activities in Pipedrive to better monitor and manage our sales efforts​,​ including an implementation of a phone app like Kixie to facilitate calling. We also need someone to provide ongoing support with our existing Zapier​/​Pipedrive integrations. Our business is residential apartment rentals specializing in coliving.

We use mailparser to receive leads from multiple sources​,​ which then trigger Zapier automations which utilize Pipedrive​,​ Calendly​,​ Slack​,​ Textline​,​ and Asana.

Automated emails are generated using PD automation (ie. marking activities as done to trigger emails in PD and texts triggered in Zapier via Textline). I've set up all of the automations​,​ but they are beginning to get a bit complex​,​ so I'm trying to remove myself as the person responsible for troubleshooting bugs and implementing changes.

Project scope

Calling system Recommendation & Integration
System Audit
Ongoing Bug Fixes
Pipdedrive Dashboard Optimization

Required software

  • Pipedrive
  • Slack
  • Asana

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