Shopify plant store - first live version based on template

Published: Jun 02 2021
Valid until: Jul 08 2021
Hourly rate:$20-$50/h

Project description

The project involves implementing below mentioned changes, adjustments: - Inpost integration using the plugin. - MailChimp integration. Frontend Changes - adding a "for companies" subpage to the shop. - Adding on the right side under the social media tags so called: suggested products such as: Earth/ Kermazite/ Pot (by all succulents). Tiles that can be clicked on, optionally I will make circles like on the "for companies" page - alignment of photos on the front page - responsive mobile "About us - What we offer" - after adding to the shopping cart the possibility of choosing for the customer: buy more or proceed to payment.

Required software

  • Shopify


  • E-commerce



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