Shopify development project

Published: Feb 25 2021
Valid until: Mar 27 2021
Starting budgetNot specified
Type: hourly rate

Project description

The site is a fairly lightweight Shopify (not Plus) project. Its using a custom template​,​ we built​,​ which is super clean code. 150 SKUs. Please see a list of work required. The site is a super clean custom theme with only 8 active Apps. 1. Trade login 2. Lookbook 3. Gift Wrapping 4. Gift Registry​/​List 5. Variant Image 1. Trade login Objectives: Ability for trade customers to login and see custom product prices Ability for trade customers to login and see real time stock levels - as opposed to standard retail customers who simply see “in stock” ​/​ “out of stock”. The work here will require a mix of custom development and the use of an app. The proposed app is: 2. Lookbook Magazine style lookbook page functionality to be created that will allow the client to display lifestyle images and collections with direct links to those products for sale on the site. The pages should achieve the following: Ability to create multiple lookbooks Product rollovers and links to products for sale Ability to “Shop the look” directly on the lookbook page (adding all products to the basket) Ability to add lookbook links to the “Discover” navigation item Given the importance of the aesthetic of this page​,​ initial design time is being built into the task to ensure it both delivers on functionality and on look & feel. Development will be achieved through a combination of custom development and a 3rd party app to reduce overall development costs. The proposed app is: 3. Gift Wrapping By default Shopify does not come with any form of gift wrapping which is an essential ecommerce feature for some retailers. By offering gift wrapping​,​ the client can incentivise customers to purchase more and can use gift wrapping as either an added value service and​/​or an upsell. The following are the core features for gift wrapping discussed with the client: Different Options ​/​ Designs Per order​,​ per item or both Chargeable but can be free or targetted with a promo Stock management not required 4. Gift Registry​/​List The gift registry will allow customers to create lists of possible gifts and share with friends for upcoming events. Using a wedding as an example​,​ an customer can register a list of gifts they would like in a list and share with friends. Requirements: Parameters for a gift list: Owner name - multiple names (wedding) Event Name Event Date Event Type Password protect option Ability to share via email Ability to search registry on frontend by host name Multiple registries per person possible Whilst an app will be used to provide some of the core functionality of the gift registry - the storing and managing of the lists​,​ it has a very basic ui which suffers from some issues. As such​,​ time to properly design and theme the gift registry is required. Design tasks are to be completed for the following areas: Registry landing page Registry Management Page Registry Search page Registry share email template Product detail pages - add to registry 5. Variant Image There is a UX issue currently on configurable products where the variant images show different products as all gallery images are output on the page in a single top to bottom list. An example product may be a candle that has two types of variants: scent + decoration. By selecting a variant with a different decoration there is no visible indication of any change which is confusing to users. There are several options for solving this: Gallery to scroll to selected variant image Variant selected image to show​,​ all other variant images to hide Top image in gallery to be replaced with selected variant image and user scrolled to top of gallery Option 1 is the suggested approach however development times will vary very little between any of the options.

Project scope

Trade login
Gift Wrapping
Gift Registry​/​List
Variant Image

Required software

  • Shopify

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