Sharetribe Marketplace Development

Published: Nov 01 2021
Valid until: Dec 02 2021
Hourly rate:$20-$50/h

Project description

I have some wireframes I can share in confidence for what I’m looking for. The styling needs to work in with the wordpress main website but ideally I’ll be creating a talent database and the ability to book creative and strategic professionals in media, marketing and advertising. It is a marketplace starting from scratch and to replicate an aborted wordpress site (too unstable). I’m new to Sharetribe but someone I know used it for and recommended it. I believe that there is an open source version to host on your own host. I’m not familiar enough to allocate which version myself and would require some advice on that too please. I see this initial stage as some support to see that the tech will do all that I need and to scope up the budget and plan of attack, perhaps in stages. These are a few features of the site as a guide to help match up people: Home page similar to the wireframe attached including search functionality to specific conditions and categories (lots of them) Search results page (can supply on NDA signing) Profile page for each talent (can supply on NDA signing) Member management – allow for full search to all free users but no talent names and no contact info. Members only to contact. 2 levels of member types Booking facility and fee payment Pop up reminders to ask for upsell to project management and account management for non-members Room for sponsor promotion Linkage to CRM and email lists – multiple by talent discipline Job call out service – list a job and email opted in talent It will be important to me that the design integrity is maintained and a developer with a decent ability to copy good design would be a requirement. So far that’s the number one failing I see of all developers I have ever dealt with. No ability to match exact designs and it takes micromanaging to get to standard which is exhausting and wasteful process. It may be worth chatting also to see if reskinning the Software Supp system might be an option for an early MVP solution too as the service is quite similar, but different talent disciplines.

Required software

  • Other
  • Sharetribe

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