Sales Pipeline Management and Pipedrive setup

Project description

Managing​,​ checking and verifying prospects in order to turn them into leads and furthermore into clients.

Project scope

Excel report integration
Automated Excel reports generationExport data from Pipedrive to existing Excel sheet
Website user journey integration
Displaying customer's source in Pipedrive CRM (through GA/Leadworx integration)Displaying customer's journey in Pipedrive CRM (e.g. steps the customer has taken on the website, through GA/Leadworx)Identifying visitors on the website (e.g. through Leadworx)Filtering messages that aren't sales related
Forecasting setup/planning
Expected close dates setupProbabilities setup
PandaDoc integration
Connect with already existing document in PandaDoc
Is it possible to switch off that option

Required software

  • Pipedrive


  • CRM

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