Ruby on Rails Developer

Published: Jun 28 2021
Valid until:
Jul 28 2021
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Project description

We are looking for a full-time Ruby Developer with the below requirements:

- Preferable type: Fullstack ​,​ Mid​/​Mid+

- Tech stack mandatory: Ruby

- Tech stack nice to have: Elixir​,​ JavaScript​,​ Elm​,​ functional programming

- Responsibilities: Day-to-day tasks​,​ technical support if necessary​,​ advancing the client's platform.

- Time: Long term cooperation (+12 months)

- The developer will be a part of expanding the feature set team and involved in day to day tasks​,​ keeping the client platform running and responsive. Developer will be managed by the CTO and will become part of the international dev team.

- Additional requirements: Developer needs to be used to working remotely ​/​ Can manage herself​/​himself

- Being ready to spend the day in a shared Zoom call (our "office") ​/​ Fluent in English.

As for all the projects at SoftwareSupp​​,​ you join the elite network of verified software professionals​​,​ set the proper rate with us and decide on when​​/​​where you work​​/​​deliver.

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