Power BI reports ​/​ dashboards

Published: Nov 11 2021
Valid until: Dec 11 2021
Hourly rate:$20-$50/h

Project description

I am looking to create the following reports/Dashboards on PowerBI. Metrics to measure • Orders • Revenue • Margin • Average order value • Order source – Web/android app/IOS App? • SKU Pageviews • SKU Conversion Rate • Items per Order • Visits to Purchase • New Vs. returning Customers • Revenue from Repeat Online Customers • Shopping Cart Conversion Rate e-commerce and business metrics: • Delivery cost per order • Marketing cost per order • Customer Acquisition Cost per activated customer • Cart Abandonment rate • Checkout Abandonment rate On a monthly basis we shall also need to add: • Cohort Analysis • Churn rate • Repeat purchase rate • LTV of a customer • CAC/LTV Ratio • *The highlighted reports already exist. *The data sources include • Microsoft Dynamics Navision – OData/SOAP • Google analytics (web) • Google Firebase (Apps) • Own Front-end API

Required software

  • Power BI

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