Pipedrive optimization + customized integration with ClickMeeting​,​ Freshmail​,​ Woodpecker

Published: Aug 31 2020
Valid until:
Sep 30 2020
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Project description

We are looking for a Pipedrive expert who will help us with the following issues:

-Data structuring​,​ eliminating duplicates

- Integration with Click Meeting - we would like data left by webinars participants to be stored avoiding the duplication. For example​,​ if we already have organization name and person name and after webinar this person leaves also email address and phone number we would like this data to be added to the existing contact​/​deal instead of creating the new one

- Integration with Freshmail and Woodpecker - if a client replies to the email we would like this email to be stored in Pipedrive + adding the data in a similar way as with Click Meeting integration

- Defining the pipelines and leads segmentations so it reflects our sales process

- Labeling to help us in filtering deals by priority etc. Labels added automatically when the deal meets certain criteria (number of employees​,​ income…)

- Security settings - different access for admin and different type of users

- Customizing the insights in Pipedrive dashboards

- Team training on revised system including best practices for using CRM (8-10 people)

Required software

  • Pipedrive


Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland

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