Pipedrive audit and optimization

Project description

Pipedrive audit and optimization for real estate company. We are US based real estate firm and we are looking for somebody who can help us with data structuring in Pipedrive.

There are 8 users of Pipdedrive:

6x Brokers

1x Analyst

1x Owner​/​CEO

Review current Pipedrive setup and build processes for 2 offered products.


- assigned to contacts ​/​ leads

- clear process​,​ stages of opportunity

- two possible outcomes: Closed Win (service: listing of property as a seller) ​/​ Closed lost ( Marketing Campaign)


- Has an access to the data​,​ ability to monitor process and build reports etc


- Has overview of results​,​ information about current activates and access to reports

Proposed stages:

* Adjust processes

* Plan and Create Labeling system

* Plan and Create Funnels

* Simplify reports creation

* Provide training ​/​ guidance for users

* Discuss integration with Active Campaign and possibility to send mailing campaigns according to labels​/​ interests etc.

Required software

  • Other
  • Pipedrive

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