Pipedrive and Lexoffice API integration

Published: Sep 08 2020
Valid until: Oct 08 2020
Hourly rate:$20-$50/h

Project description

We have an integration in place connecting Pipedrive to lexoffice.de on every label update (once the label is updated to customer, a new record is created in Lexoffice). This is set up using a webhook in Pipedrive, connected to Lexoffice custom API with Zapier in between. We have a few things missing in the integration that we'd like to fix. These are: 1. Transferring the contact details of the person related to the organization. 2. Transferring the address of the organization. 3. Once the record is created in Lexoffice, a number is assigned in Lexoffice and we would like to have it parsed back to the organization level in Pipedrive. The above are possible with Lexoffice custom API. We're looking for a support to help us set up the above as soon as possible with the possibility to extend the co-operation in case of future issues.

Required software

  • Pipedrive


  • API



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