Java Spring BE developer - long term opportunity - 8hrs max​/​week

Published: Jul 07 2022
Valid until:
Aug 06 2022
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I'm looking for a BE developer a long term commitment for up to 8hrs max p week.

This first task is to fix the incomplete and buggy implementation of the search bar in our custom JAVA Spring web application.

There is a file management system and the search bar searches in the root folder and subfolders and has a new parameter to specify to search in a specific folder. The original scope was to add the parameter to be able to search within specific folders only.



We are a small startup of one owner​,​ me Mathias stationed in Belgium​,​ and one long term FE developer (React​/​Typescript) stationed in Serbia.

Our BE developer​,​ who is our friend​,​ has recently left the project due to other priorities.

Detailed description of bugs with BE search logic:


1​/​ Search within root folder without filter​,​ now no longer returns images in folders​,​ only root folder images. I expect search without filter to still work across all folders. What is returned without issue are sub folders​,​ but not the images deep down.

2​/​ Search for "cristina" inside sub folder "cristina" returns images in that folder​,​ but also the actual folder. I'm not sure this is UX-wise expected behavior when searching inside a folder​,​ you return the actual folder too. I think no.

3​/​ I open sub folder with many images. I enter search query "FRONT" and press search. It shows me results of only this folder​,​ yet the filter inside the search bar is not (automatically) enabled. I would expect some UX thing to happen that asks user: do you want to search inside your account or in a specfic folder? Perhaps search autocomplete should pop open always when search input box is in focus. And there should be easy option to select: "search inside this folder".

4​/​ I am in root folder. And I enter search filter "Root folder lisa" and have images tab selected. And I search for "front". It shows me only images with word "front" inside the "Sub folder lisa"​,​ it doesn't show me videos tab which are also present in that folder with word "front"

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Project scope

Fix incomplete implementation of search for images & folders

Required software

  • Java
  • AWS


  • Web application

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Java Spring BE developer - long term opportunity - 8hrs max/week


Harelbeekstraat 151, 8550 Zwevegem, West Flanders, Belgium

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