iOS native app selling products using Shopify as the e-com backend

Published: Jun 01 2021
Valid until: Jul 28 2021
Hourly rate:$20-$50/h

Project description

### Sales Channel - Do we need to turn our iOS mobile app into a sales channel? - How do I turn my iOS app into a sales channel? - We don't need this app to be public, does it still have to be approved by Shopify? - Only public apps can take payments - We don't want or need our app to be public - Backend - Is it better we maintain a backend that communicates with Shopify and exposes data to our iOS app? — all info in the app is info regarding products in Shopify. - Is it better our iOS app directly consumes Storefront and Checkout APIs? - Is there a recommend hybrid approach? — For example: iOS consuming Storefront API directly and Checkout API being served by our private backend ### Sales Channel Alternatives - Can we process payments without our iOS app being a sales channel? Adding additional fields of information to products - Manufacturer - Brand - Supplier - Shop Name - Season - Summer '19 - etc One of the options is using [custom themes]( If we use custom themes, is this data available through **Storefront API**? Is there any other way to define custom data fields and access this data from **iOS Buy SDK**? ### SEO Is it possible to improve SEO performance for a shop that is almost exclusively accessed through a native mobile app? ### Similar Products Shopify offers in its online store sales channel a widget with similar products for cross selling. Is this data available through API? Which API?

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Required software

  • Shopify
  • LiveChat


  • API

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