Integration - Zapier ​/​ Integromat ​/​ ??

Published: Aug 27 2020
Valid until:
Sep 26 2020
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Project description

I'm creating a new business that will be providing a minimum of around 1 webinar a week and I'd like to automate some of the tasks which I have explained below. There needs to be a form on our website that allows the person to register​,​ this can be hosted onsite with something like CF7 or a Mailchimp or Hubspot form if necessary​,​ upon completion of the form it needs to direct to a specific URL on our website with their link for the day. I'd then like this data passed to add the person to WebinarJam​,​ and I'd like them added and updated with tags in Hubspot and Mailchimp.

Required software

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