Implementation and optimization of Pipedrive CRM for an automation​/​robotics company

Published: Dec 02 2020
Valid until:
Jan 01 2021
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Project description

Implementing and proper configuration of Pipedrive. Except for the described tasks​,​ the project will require running discovery that will define proper implementation scope.

In the attached files​,​ you will find the desciption of sales process in the company and more detailed requirements regarding the CRM system.

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Project scope

Discovery/preparing CRM specification
Uploading the data including deduplication
Email automation
Integration with intranet
Marketing reporting
Forecast and estimating sales targets
Sales and marketing teams' activity analytics
Configuring security and access
Team training (10-15 people)
Managing sales leads
Registering activities by the sales team
Segmenting/targeting/grouping leads
Alerts, notifications, follow-ups
Automatic data fill in through proper extensions
Integrating with mailing (Gmail, Outlook)

Required software

  • Pipedrive

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Implementation and optimization of Pipedrive CRM for an automation/robotics company



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