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Published: Aug 05 2021
Valid until: Sep 04 2021
Hourly rate:$20-$50/h

Project description

We are currently using Hubspot and having some trouble making sure we are using it in the most effective way possible. We would like some advice and guidance please. I have included some information about what we do below. We run events that people (unpaid Carers) attend and we often invite them to follow-up events that are relevant to where they live. We have attendees, sponsors and retailers. Sometimes they attend an event, but the live in a different area. We have imported contacts and we need to know if we have set up our custom properties correctly and segmented them properly so that we can contact the relevant people by location and so that all staff can easily find them. We also need to know the correct way to search and create a list to send invites to. Is the correct way to set up a new list and select the custom properties we want to filter the contacts? Or is there another way we don’t know about? The other question is columns showing. Can we set it up so that if a master account edits the columns, all users see those same columns or is this specific to each user when they log in so they view it how they wish? An example of a custom property we have set up would be: Checkboxes (select multiple options). Attended High Tea > 2022 Brisbane High Tea > 2022 Sunshine Coast High Tea > 2022 Sydney High Tea Checkboxes (select multiple options). Retailer at High Tea Event > 2022 Brisbane High Tea > 2022 Sunshine Coast High Tea > 2022 Sydney High Tea.

Project scope

Events setup revision
Data structure revision
Guidance, advisory and training

Required software

  • Other
  • HubSpot

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