GoLang Developer

Published: Mar 11 2021
Valid until:
Apr 10 2021
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Project description

Client wants to build a very high traffic (1 billion​/​month) transactional and marketing email system with simple API and web panel. Think Alibaba Mail​,​ SendGrid​,​ Mailchimp. At the moment we are looking for a person who will take on most of the work​,​ development will be supported by DevOps​,​ Frontend devs​,​ etc. when needed. Scrum Master and Product Owner will fill in non-technical roles to manage the project and give business support. Must-haves: - experience with building​/​maintaining mailing infrastructure - experience with building infrastructure to support very high traffic - experience with building web apps​/​APIs Duration 3 months initially​,​ then possibility for at least additional 6 months. Technical description New project​,​ preferably built in Golang.

Project scope

The Developer will be responsible for planning out and building high-volume mailing infrastructure and APIs for accessing all functionalities - sending emails, reporting etc.

Required software

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