Freelancing Website project like upwork

Published: Jul 13 2022
Valid until:
Aug 12 2022
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Project description

I have a request if you can fulfill it.

I want to create my own website project like Upwork​,​ my questions are:

Can you create a project similar to Upwork and can you customize it based on our needs ?

Do you provide source code in case of production ?

Do you provide a roadmap to follow after project delivery ?

What Technologies ​/​ Programming Langages are you using ?

Do you offer support ? If it is the case for how long after the project delivery ?

If you have already created a freelancing website project can you share a demo to get a brief idea about your expertieses.

Can you provide a zoom call meeting to discuss further details about the future of the project ?


Required software

  • React
  • Node.js
  • Sharetribe


  • Web application
  • Integration

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Freelancing Website project like upwork

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