Existing webflow feature implementations ​/​ Bug fixing

Published: Aug 11 2022
Valid until:
Sep 10 2022
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Project description

I'm looking for hourly work. We want to implement whitelabeling on our site​,​ CMS searching​,​ fix some bugs on our website​,​ and apply a few other implementations.

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Project scope

Whitelabeling Implementation
We want our vendors to be able to display a portion of our website on their page but with their own branding (e.g their logo, fonts, colors, etc)
CMS Search Bar
I want to be able to search items listed on another page through a search bar from the home pageWhile searching, I want a dropdown to show suggestions of what is listed on the cms
Bug Fixing
On our marketplace, I applied filtering using the Attributes API from Finsweet. Ever since I did this, some pop ups on my cms items are not working well. I need this bug fixed
Google Analytics Data Retrieval from Events
Some elements on our cms have google tags assigned to it. I want to be able to retrieve the analytics info (e.g clicks per cms item) and store it in a DB like airtable

Required software

  • Google Analytics
  • Webflow
  • Airtable


  • Database
  • Data analytics
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Analytics
  • Automation
  • Website integration
  • API
  • Web application
  • Implementation
  • No code
  • Support
  • Integration


204 Lake Lucerne Way SE, Calgary, Alberta T2J 3J4, Canada

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