Concussion Assessment System: Sales Force based system needed to automate our work flow

Published: Mar 01 2021
Valid until:
Mar 31 2021
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Project description

We need a doctor referral form to auto-populate into a Sales Force Contact and to place the contact into the status of "Funding". Then we need a medical funding company to be able to accept the contact and send the contact to a telemedicine company with the contact status automatically changing to "Treating". Then the telemedicine company needs to be able to send the records to our billing department which would change the status to "Billing". Then the status would change to "Invoiced" when our billing company submits the medical records and our invoice. Once the invoice is paid​,​ then status would change to "Paid".

In the alternative​,​ would it work better as a portal that the different companies could log in to rather than Sales Force?

Required software

  • Salesforce

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