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Published: Sep 17 2021
Valid until: Oct 17 2021
Hourly rate:$20-$50/h

Project description

We want to use as a CMS & Page Builder for some Ecommerce Sites (First Magento 2, later Shopware, CommerceTools, Vue Storefront, WooCommerce). Therefor, we want to integrate with our ecommerce platform. That has an API for : - Making initial connection - Customer’s account registration - Customer authentication - Customer details update and view - Access data of CMS Pages and Home Page - Display categories - Search products - Display product information - Do actions with product - Show cart items’ details - Do actions with cart - Apply coupon code - Record checkout and do actions - And standard Products, Orders, Customers, Transactions, Store - inventory, ordering, invoicing A good example of the solution we are looking for is; But they work with Shopify. (and we don’t) I also like their Automated Tax integration with Avalara AvaTax. And Sendgrid. We also have a payment and shipping API we want to integrate. The idea is that we use the Page Builder of and integrate it with our ecommece platform. And create custom Page builder 'blocks' like Product box or Product title, that we can easily add to the webpage.

Required software

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