Build marketplace on sharetribe and and launch website.

Published: Sep 10 2021
Valid until: Oct 10 2021
Hourly rate:$20-$50/h

Project description

I have a minor in computer science. However the networking side was never my focus. So I am looking to create the content, and happy to handle the entering the content and artistic design work. However I need help on the integration and networking for my site. Ideally working hand in hand so I can learn as we go. I would like to maximise my SEO and have assistance on the analytics. I would like advice on where to host the site as I had started a shopify site but with the simplicity and cost of Sharetribe I am wondering if Shopify is necessary or not.

Project scope

Payments integration
E-commerce setup
Domain connection
URL optimization
Google Analytics integration
Website integration
Google Structured Data setup and integration
Ecommerce integration
Integration with e-commerce platform

Required software

  • Facebook Ads
  • G Suite
  • Shopify
  • WordPress
  • BigCommerce
  • Sharetribe


  • Database
  • Store setup
  • E-commerce
  • Analytics
  • Domain setup
  • Website integration
  • API
  • CRM
  • Integration


2484 North Humboldt Boulevard, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212, United States

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