Blocking a non-existent product variant

Published: Jan 10 2022
Valid until:
Feb 09 2022
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Project description

looking for develper to develop feature: blocking a non-existent product variant.


for that product we have only:

s -small​,​ m- medium​,​ l- large and colors: gray (szary)​,​ brown (brązowy)​,​ green (zielony)​,​ niebieski (blue)

but only below configaration is possibly:

1. s-szary

2. m-brazowy

3. l-zielony


the problem is how to protect customer to not choose nonexisting combination (size-color).

at the backend you can see below:

See more details... (1)
See more details... (2)

Required software

  • Shopify
  • JavaScript


  • Liquid development

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Blocking a non-existent product variant

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