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8 years

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50 projects

As Account Executive in Pipedrive​,​ I was responsible for leading the onboarding for new Pipedrive Clients in the DACH-Region. In my time in Pipedrive I helped to build and raise the trust the DACH-Region has nowadays for Pipedrive. Before that I worked in the German Customer Support for Transferwise​,​ taking care of customer concerns​,​ legal translation​,​ first grade EDD and verification related concerns. In all this time I was able to position myself as a top performer with high work ethics​,​ due to my rich background & education in Retail. As Detailed Trade Expert Advisor I was responsible for store management​,​ product presentation​,​ pitch strategies and customer consultation in a wide variety of fields. My first work experience was doing construction work for several years​,​ working & getting education as a roofer​,​ plumber and tinner. It was there where I learned the meaning of hard work & dedication that would later build the fundament for future endeavors

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