Szymon G
Szymon Gryś
Salesforce backend dev

Years of experience

3 years

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7 projects

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3 years experience with developing both products and creating custom implementations for number of clients.



Professional experience

SalesForce Developer
Years of experience: 1 year
I’m part of a small team developing tool that allows Resource Managers in a wide range of industries to track projects, assign resources to project and make nuanced predictions for the future of the projects and assignments that allows them to control both budget and plan how much capacity their projects have. My responsibilities are to develop high-quality features in cooperation with frontend developers and to plan tasks by the product roadmap. I was given a lot of flexibility with choosing the approach for each feature and I’m working almost entirely independent from the rest of the backend dev team.
Salesforce Developer
Years of experience: 1 year
Enxoo: support I was part of the service desk team and my responsibility was to react to new bug issues on Enxoo products (CPQ and B2B). I had to quickly assess the problem priority and find the solution for the issue and often implement it on different versions of the products. This fast paced, high-stress environment allowed me to very quickly learn a lot of Salesforce features Enxoo: CPQ As part of the product team I was able to learn the frontier of new Salesforce technologies like flows, community, and LWC. Part of my responsibility was to refactor all of the codebase (10000+ lines) into Domain Driven Development architecture paradigm and develop REST API for our backend features Enxoo: IMPL With experience gained by writing CPQ REST API I was tasked with implementing both our API and clients' own backend API into one service built on Community. I was responsible for developing series of functionalities for telecom clients that wanted to have their database connected with our service, let our CPQ perform series of operations and calculations, and return changed data back to their database
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