Expert in Pipedrive​,​ Quickbase​,​ Airtable​,​ Zapier​,​ Integromat - Business Model​,​ Processes​,​ Enterprise Architecture​,​ Implementation

Languages spoken:

Years of experience

10 years

Number of realized projects

11 projects

I support companies in being successful in the Digital Age. As a strategist and operative general manager of Internet-Businesses for more than 10 years​,​ I can bring in expertise in a comprehensive range of aspects of the TIMES-industry my focus is on strategy​/​ organization​/​planning​,​ marketing​/​sales and product management. My work is guided by three key beliefs: 1. Being customer and technology driven 2. Developing a deep understanding of markets​,​ competition and technologies 3. Building a shared view and common understanding on strategy and implementation across the company through intense communication This approach assures that plans are put into reality!

Professional experience

Deputy Chairman of Supervisory Board (2 years)
Founder (10 years)
Managing Partner

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