Slava P
Slava Pautaran
Salesforce CTA | CRM & CX Expert
Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Years of experience

8 years

Number of realized projects

26 projects

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Professional experience

Salesforce Practice Lead
Years of experience: 2 years
Helping companies get the best the most out of Salesforce. Growing Salesforce talent at Brimit. Founded in 2011, with only its 2 owners as employees, today Brimit is a technology company serving clients in 20 countries and comprising a team of more than 70 technology experts. Brimit has helped dozens of companies set up, optimize, and integrate Salesforce.
Salesforce Team Leader
Years of experience: 1 year
I led a team of Salesforce engineers that developed a new version of the managed package for the Salesforce CTI based on an Angular app.
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