Airtable and Zapier

Languages spoken:

Years of experience

4 years

Number of realized projects

40 projects

More than 4 years of experience working with Airtable and Zapier to optimize workflows

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Professional experience

President (4.5 years)
Ledger Dredger Business Solutions
Ledger Dredger is a business consultant agency specializing in creating or optimizing your existing databases and workflows using Airtable and Zapier.
SONAR Technician, Submarines (2 years)
Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard & IMF
- completed over 1,200 man-hours in the preservation and cleaning of vintage World War II era buildings - conducted steady upkeep of shipyard real estate, including parking areas, saving valuable fiscal resources - served with government contractors, providing services to them to accomplish various shipyard tasks - prepared shipyard facilities for Flag and dignitary visits - improved aesthetics in material readiness of shipyard real estate

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