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With over 20 years of experience in automation​,​ marketing and sales. A HubSpot partner​,​ Salesforce integration manager​,​ Shopify and WooCommerce expert. Product-led Growth specialist. Up to 479% ROI on inbound campaigns to date​,​ x5 award-winning marketing​,​ and Web Design winner.




Migration from Pipedrive to HubSpot
HubX Capital
Initially, HubX wanted to transfer their CRM from Pipedrive to HubSpot as they moved into a larger sales platform. In addition, the Drift conversational marketing platform required integration to HubSpot too. Finally, to set up reporting in HubSpot that enabled the business to track deals, leads and paid marketing activities. Stage one required full mapping of custom fields in HubSpot to match Pipedrive and then to migrate the data in full. Stage two was to fully integrate Drift conversational chat playbooks with goals into HubSpot to kick off email workflows to continue nurturing prospects along the funnel. Stage three was to ensure all reporting is fully set up. A three-month project to complete the full requirement was set up. The CRM move took a little under two weeks to complete which was not the main issue. The setup of Hubspot and the integration of Drifts playbooks required more work as custom attributes in Drift and custom fields in HubSpot needed completing. In addition to mapping and setting up fields in both platforms, breaking down the chat playbooks in Drift and applying best practices took three weeks. Once we had this down, we rebuilt part of the playbooks before ensuring the automation of completed actions kicked off HubSpot workflows. We finalised the reporting requirements in Hubspot in two weeks, which has now led to further works to rebrand the business and rebuild the website, currently underway. In addition to this, we have now been retained to execute the inbound marketing strategy whilst helping develop the knowledge base.
HubSpot CMS Website
Lionesa had one goal, which was to upgrade their company website and provide a new look and feel that said big business, but promoted a sense of community and inclusion. The website also had to show that Lionesa provides space for the world's leading brands, but is fully encompassing smaller businesses too. In addition to the workspaces, Lionesa has a curious blend of culture, art, culinary experience and roving green spaces before you get to the local beach. All of this had to come across in the design and content. To this end, we suggested that they move away from WordPress and take a look at the HubSpot CMS which would come with an inbuilt CRM, email marketing and chatbot functionality. A security-focused platform with multi-language capability is an ideal solution that gives full control of the digital experience back to the company. In addition, Lionesa had considered a membership site and by choosing to start with the HubSpot Pro CMS, once they are comfortable with that solution, they can upgrade at any point in time to the enterprise CMS and build that functionality at a later date. The site also includes an API integration to allow residents to check if they qualify for benefits via the Hello Card provided by Lionesa. As not all benefits require checking, we built a flexible, easy to use modular system that allows the team to pick and choose as necessary which benefits apply the check. Executing a platform for future growth and development.

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Managing Director
Digital BIAS
Years of experience: 4 years
Sales & Marketing Advisor
Years of experience: 0.5 years
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