Patrick Cieśluk

Marketing and Process automation Engineer​,​ Web Developer

Years of experience

10 years

Number of realized projects

11 projects

## Pipedrive Processes AutomationTasks​,​ Deals​,​ Emails​,​ Contacts - all can work together behind the user.## Design and Development of custom integrations.Pipedrive's power is in integration availibility. I will connect your PD with ERP Systems​,​ Marketing Automation tools​,​ E-commerce​,​ etc.


Metpol Ogrodzenia
Human Solutions

Professional experience

IT Manager (3 years)
Managing teams of web designers and developers. Analyzing and modeling business processes for the best IT solutions to solve customer needs. Implement and integrate advanced tools to manage sales, marketing and production processes.
Chief Technology Officer (6 years)
Bunny United Sp. z o. o.
- Organizing and building software development teams - Discovering and implementing new technologies

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