Languages spoken:

Years of experience

8 years

Number of realized projects

50 projects

Founded by CRM experts​,​ we provide end-to-end CRM & Zoho consulting services including management consulting​,​ licensing​,​ customization​/​implementation & support services. Certified Expertise on Zoho One​,​ Zoho Extensions & Zoho Analytics BI system. Rapid 3rd Party API Integration.

Being an Advanced Zoho Partner for more than 5 years I have:

15+ years of the rich IT background

5+ years of Zoho apps implementation and integration (API​,​ Deluge​,​ PHP​,​ Laravel​,​ Zapier)

80+ projects

understanding of business processes and KPI's and data analytics skills

Zoho CRM​,​ Desk​,​ Campaign​,​ Creator​,​ SalesIQ (and Zobots)​,​ Books​,​ Analytics and so on

BI​,​ SQL and data analysis.



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