Nimesh Kumar | Webflow Expert specializing in converting Figma to Webflow

Years of experience

2Β years

Number of realized projects

20Β projects



πŸ† I'm Nimesh​,​ a Webflow Expert working with startups and businesses to build fast​,​ responsive​,​ and pixel-perfect webflow websites.

I help develop SEO Optimised Webflow Websites from design file - Figma​,​ XD or Sketch. I also migrate existing WordPress websites to Webflow. E-commerce Websites with blog functionality. Custom CSS​/​Javascript​/​HTML. Integration of 3rd party services and APIs like Memberstack​,​ Zapier​,​ Airtable​,​ and others like Intercom​,​ Shopify​,​​,​ Printful​,​ Snipcart​,​ Google Analytics​,​ and MailChimp in Webflow.

I follow best practices for site performance and responsiveness. Proper naming of Classes and Google PageSpeed plus Lighthouse Scores. Having been worked with US-based Design Agencies​,​ local businesses​,​ and Y Combinator startups. I can confidently call myself a Webflow Expert who knows his job.

My Skills:

βœ” Webflow Development

Pixel Perfect Webflow development from Figma with subtle animations and interactions. Websites with CMS​,​ Ecommerce​,​ Blog​,​ and Integrations for Form Automation.

βœ” Webflow Integration

Setting up Memberstack​,​ Zapier​,​ Airtable Integration​,​ and other 3rd party plugins​,​ libraries​,​ and APIs in webflow for a membership website.

βœ” Webflow SEO

Setting up on-page SEO - Page Audit​,​ Image Alt Tags​,​ Schema Markup​,​ Google Analytics​,​ Meta Description Title Optimization​,​ Website Optimization​,​ Google Search Console​,​ Keyword Research​,​ Sitemap​,​ and Robots.txt. Improving site performance.


Website for Y Combinator Startup
Webflow Development from Figma design with custom code.
Website for SaaS Startup
Webflow Development from Figma design with Interactions and Performance Optimization.

Professional experience

Webflow Designer & Developer (2 years)
Nimesh Kumar
Working with startups, small businesses and design agencies for providing services like Website development, Design to development and migration of existing sites mainly WordPress to Webflow CMS.

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