Michał K
Michał Krawczykowski
Frontend development with Wordpress

Years of experience

4 years

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50 projects

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About freelancer

10+ years of creating websites using themes and visual builders (Beaver Builder​,​ Divi​,​ Elementor) and 3+ years of building websites and shops "from scratch". Experience in HTML5​,​ CSS​,​ Javascript ES6+​,​ Wordpress​,​ Woocommerce and ACF Pro​,​ basic experience in using Git​,​ Webpack​,​ Bootstrap grid​,​ website design in Photoshop.



› Automated attendance system developed in Python which verifies faces in real-time › Updates attendance records stored in a relational database › Provides fully functional user registration software trained on user’s facial features › Utilised for a research paper concerned with verifying the success rate of the fusion of PCA and LDA algorithms › Achieves 98% accuracy in recognising faces
› System allowing registered users to book activities with others registered users resulting in efficiently organising and managing their work › Developed in JavaScript and split into frontend React framework and backend NodeJS framework fully connected with each other › Benefits from Ant Design UI library with CSS formatting and utilises the Koa framework › Data stored in a relational database accessible by SQL through the backend environment › Benefits from the koa-router and secure koa-passport authorisation
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