Mateusz N
Mateusz Niziolek
Magento & Magento2

Years of experience

6 years

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12 projects

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About freelancer

Magento2 certified expert with 6 years of experience in various companies. First​,​ I’ve worked in a company solely responsible for creating and selling Magento 1 and Magento 2 modules. I was personally responsible for rewriting some best-selling modules from the older Magento version to the new one. I am mostly proud of Magento2 Addresses API module that was letting for remote change in addresses of customers by the “parent customers”.

Later I worked in of the biggest software houses in Poland Polcode. I worked there for 2 years​,​ and I was lead in big Polish company web store in M1. I was doing some other smaller Upwork tasks on M2 as well. Later I joined a famous digital agency​,​ Creative Style​,​ where I worked on an open source product we developed for all our clients​,​ Magesuite. I have made many improvements for existing modules​,​ and I am mostly proud of implementing queue for mass update stocks in MSI.




API integration with iContainers
Creative Minds
Created module for one of the clients of our company. He was selling tiles from middle east to allover the world via container ships. My module was calculating the size of the package, if the whole container will be used or only partialy and then make a call to API return it on customer checkout where he could select one of the shipment methods from iContainers.
Creative Styles
Created module for logging all in and out REST api calls from and to Magento. It was neccessary because many 3rd party integrations checked or changed stock info. It was tool solely designed to monitor which integrations were making changes and when.

Professional experience

Web Developer
Years of experience: 8 years
Wordpress and Magento related projects. New installations, AWS server setup, frontend and backend improvements and additional features.
Magento Developer
Creativestyle Polska
Years of experience: 1 year
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