Evija Pliruma | Professional​,​ industry-level design​,​ web & mobile development. Full-stack web development services for custom web applications​,​ marketplaces​,​ mobile apps​,​ design and more.

Years of experience

10 years

Number of realized projects

50 projects



I help founders and startups design​,​ build​,​ and launch web apps​,​ marketplaces & consumer apps.


A Sharetribe Flex Marketplace
The Octupus Club
Built a platform on Sharetribe Flex.
Marketplace design and building
OwnOutDoors.com is a marketplace built on Sharetribe.

Professional experience

Computer & Network Technician (0.5 years)
My main responsibility was to maintain and set up new WiFi/video surveillance network’s in several public buildings across Latvia.
Project Manager (1.5 years)
- In the first 3 months, I started as an Estimator. The primary responsibilities were to prepare a window and door estimates for clients. Average quote size was from 10,000 – 500,000 euros, making 10-20 quotes per day. - After the first 3 months, I was promoted to an Export Project manager role. The primary responsibilities were to follow the window and door development cycle in the factory and ensure the project followed its timeline, preparing project documentation for the development process, maintaining an exciting relationship and upselling factory products. Together with my team we managed to secure a 1mil+ euro turnover over a year.

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