Maricon E
Maricon Espinosa
Full Stack Web Developer - Shopify and WordPress Expert
Tugbok, Davao City, Davao, Philippines

Years of experience

10 years

Number of realized projects

100 projects

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About freelancer

I am a Full Stack Web Developer. More than 10 years of experience delivering tech solutions. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects. Well-versed in numerous programming languages including Php​,​ MYSQL​,​ Javascript​,​ Reactjs​,​ Gutenberg​,​ and MVC.

Proficient on Front END with these skills set: HTML​,​CSS​/​​,​ HTML5​/​CSS3​,​ LESS​,​SASS​,​ SCSS​,​ CSS​,​ Semantic Ui​,​ jQuery​,​ Bootstrap 4​,​ Tailwind​,​ and Responsive. Excellent skills on Javascript like babel.js​,​ vanilla js​,​ reactjs​,​ gulp.js and jsons

Expert on Backend Development with these skills: Object-oriented programming - Php​,​ mysql​,​ sqlite3​,​ MVC like symfony and Laravel. I am an expert as well on Shopify and WordPress





Custom WordPress Theme from Scratch
Fido Finance
Goals: Build a Finance website to drive more leads and sales. Increase online presence and automate booking and order process. My contribution: - Full Stack Web Development - Convert the UI/UX design into WordPress Theme (HTML Ready since its on FIGMA) - Build Custom Theme - Build custom Gutenberg blocks using ACF - Applied vanilla.js and es6 javascript - Optimize speed loading - Mobile test and cross browsing
Drupal to Shopify migration
Convert Website from Drupal to Shopify. Develop 2 Shopify Website. Integrate Paypal API and After Pay. And published on google merchant

Professional experience

Web Developer
Years of experience: 0.5 years
As one of WordPress Developers, my responsibility for keeping the network of client WordPress sites running at optimal performance, while introducing new features to continually drive better performance. In addition to this, new website designs and transforming them into high-performance PHP & SCSS code using the in-house WordPress themes and plugins (No third Party Services). WordPress Development savviness will see you conceptualizing and delivering the best possible solutions for our client’s website problems with respect to tight but fair timeframes. Tools use: Code editors, SFTP, Github, WP Engine, the WordPress Codex
Full Stack Developer
The Agent Support Team
Years of experience: 0.5 years
Full Stack Web Development converting HTML/CSS to Wordpress Divi. Configure and set up LMS and Email configuration.
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