Joey O
Joey Olaopa
Shopify custom development and scripts

Years of experience

8 years

Number of realized projects

50 projects

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About freelancer

I'm a Fullstack Web Solutions Engineer focused on developing custom business logic components​,​ Shopify scripts​,​ custom theme extension tweaks and private custom apps that help to improve and extend your standard Shopify functionality.




A custom Shopify Extension and App was built
The App automatically detects the location of the user and automatically redirects to the International Store if they are not in Canada.
Sold by the box
Problem Their Tiles are sold by the box and Shopify doesn't have any way to deal measurements out of the box. Buyers didn't know how many boxes they needed to buy. Solution A custom Shopify extension was written. The extension enables the buyer enter their space measurements in square feet and the calculator figured out how many boxes needed. Each Tile had its own price per box per measurement. I also implemented the ability to add sample products to cart. You can checkout the demo below. Enter your spacial measurement in the box.

Professional experience

Lead Web Engineer
ATIB College for Further Education
Years of experience
Head of Web Development and Developer of the ATIB College for Further Education Distance learning e-Campus Portal. Built the e-campus portal and other e-learning extensions.
Independent Software Consultant
Multrateq solutions
Years of experience
Working closely with Multrateq solutions, on web and mobile application projects such as TopScore, a mobile application that uses gamification to teach, encourage and facilitate students studying for major academic and professional examinations.
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