Zoho CRM Expert

Languages spoken:

Years of experience

10 years

Number of realized projects

5 projects

Expert in Zoho CRM with 5 year of consulting experience.

Professional experience

Technical Business Consultant | Zoho One, Salesforce, HubSpot & (1 year)
Provides technical direction for the development, design, and systems integration across multiple client engagements from the definition phase through implementation. Applies significant knowledge of industry trends and developments to improve service to our clients. Identifies system deficiencies and implements effective solutions. Suggests alternative technical solutions to meet client requirements more efficiently, and/or with greater reusability, and/or longer life. Mentors technical managers and senior developers through formal and informal channels. Assesses training needs and selects training tools for team members. Manages the development of project teams by ensuring that project tasks are in line with each innovator's career interests.
Director of Customer Success (4 years)
24/7 Software
Accountable for renewal business of $6 million company Captured over $425,000 in upsells in 2019 and maintained customer churn below 3% that helped the company attain 6% growth year after year. Hired, trained, coached, and supervised a staff of 6 technical account specialists to oversee the full customer lifecycle from post-sales, on-boarding, ramp-up, and growth. A key member of executive-level escalation team that managed strategies and tactics for de-escalating customer accounts, with additional responsibilities for handling at-risk accounts. Defined and optimized the customer lifecycle and implementation process, map the customer journey, develop listening points in the journey, and create standardized interventions for each point in the journey. Designed and executed communication protocols for high-risk customer issues (e.g., security breaches, data loss, etc.)

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