ZOHO Focused | Sales​,​ Marketing​,​ Support & Operations

Years of experience

8 years

Number of realized projects

50 projects

- Get access to a fully personalised​,​ turnkey CRM - Effortlessly migrate from your current system to our revolutionary Zoho integrated applications - Create customised live reports that make it fast and easy for management to track performance across all aspects of the business from any device and any location - Get tailor-made trainings covering everything you need to know to be successful with Zoho - Enjoy custom integrations of 3rd party applications within your Zoho suite - Custom built apps to manage any business process - Implement fully integrated communications for enhanced team and customer collaboration - Set up and integrate PBX and Call Centre with Zoho - Strategise and execute your sales funnels to maximise revenue growth - Professional and friendly support from certified Zoho experts

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